A Successful Day

So I work at The I.D.E.A. Store and today was our soft opening and it went pretty well. But doing what I like to do I decided to sort and separate a donation of iPod and Zune covers. Here’s my boss, Gail, with a customer. All of the proceeds benefit the CU Schools Foundation, kind of a full circle of good deeds- supporting the schools, recycling items, and creating unique art projects. I bought some supplies as well. I have an idea to create this guirella marketing campaign.

So there are lots of stickers and I have the ipod cases. After a bad test run with hand writing things and using paint pens, I’ve decided to go with printing out the logo, tracing it on either cardboard or perhaps matt board. The creating a stencil and spray painting onto the iPod/sticker.

Ah so I painted the stickers with Schmitz and reclaimed the basement as the workspace I wanted it to be. Then watched DeLovely while taking apart the cases I had brought home with me to work on. So that might be a little strange but I grew up in a house where my mom worked all day and then crocheted while drinking her black Russians and watching tv. I learned from the best. I took a part cases, watched a netflix movie, and other such things. Might as well be productive at all times right?

And then just to have a little more fun, I fixed a shirt of mine. Big deal right? Well, I bought this shirt senior year of high school and ripped it freshman year of college and today.. I fixed it. Then I cooked dinner.

It was meant to be garlic shrimp but.. we’re out of garlic. That’s not a dilemma though. I made the rest of the recipe just minus the garlic. So the shrimp cooked in olive oil and with steak seasoning sprinkled on top and at the last lemon juice. I made broccoli as well and poured the rest of the seasoning on top of the broccoli when done. Pretty delicious.

Now off to a comedy show at Class Act- http://www.classactinteractive.com. Then out with the boys. 🙂

Tomorrow Schmitz and I are going to work on the stickers more, I’m possibly creating a poster/t-shirt design for the store, setting up for the next Indi Go exhibit, and dumpster diving businesses that we could potentially approach for donations for The IDEA store…

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