Holiday Projects

I’ve embarked on extreme Christmas present making. I know I haven’t posted in a while but if I’m going to use this in the future it ought to be more up to date.

The one on the left is a large ornament/art piece for Jake. Jake is going to be my brother in law, Cami and Jake are getting married 11-11-11 in Jamaica. I’m the maid of honor. Bridesmaid dresses just need to be red, whatever style and shade I want. Maybe something from modcloth but I think for the wedding it needs to be a breezy light weight dress.

 I love modcloth in the way that it inspires me to think more a long the lines of creative clothing wear. Of making my own clothes, additional accessories that are more old school or just not seen as frequently. Inspires me to think of re-use and etsy products. Of course the Idea store has quite a bit to do with this as well but finished products often interest me more. And I think people can relate to that. I’ll put it on my to do list for the store.. add more amazing finished products.

Oh these projects, that’s the topic. Well it’s related to the above.

Cami and Jake are not big hippie over achievers like me. They’re much more happy with life doing what I’m doing. And hey, good. Good for them. So Camille gets annoyed with me when I talk about my interests in re-use. Which is frustraiting because she thinks I’m preaching. I’m not.. it’s just what I’m into.

So, this picture to the left.
Is from the link gallery.

He commented several jokes about the store being out of these flags, etc. I sent him several photos of artwork created from flags. But that’s not enough to teach the lesson. I took 5 flags from in front of my house. Twisted them together in a oval form, strung a string through the middle, cut the flags into strips and in a wavy manner wove the flags onto the string. That is the first picture.

And the second, well she wanted a rug. So I took different fabrics, tied them together, braided them together, and am now sewing the rope together…

All for less than $5 and countless hours.

But it makes me appreciate the work of others so much more and inspires me to think of methods and things I can keep working on. Like.. growing lily of the valley in my basement for a gallery show in late February?

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