Moving houses in Ksamil, Albania

Previously, I was living in what I often refered to as the hotel or dorm room. Well, I can’t complain any more. This is a post to celebrate because I’m able to nest now. My new place was a choice between half of a house on the beach or this new larger communist style block housing. New construction in Ksamil is often meant just for those that are coming for a short summer trip and lacks a lot of space or things like.. counter space or a stove because it’s just meant for short term living arrangements. But this is new place is very much what could be lived in year round. And also, I think it’s really pretty even for Albanian decorating, it has a lot of potential. If nothing else it’s comfortable and puts me more at ease.

I feel that the style of the living room is almost Southwestern with the prints on the couches. Overall, the whole place has a lot of tourquoise, yellow, tan, orange, and other shades of red.

Amazing how much I missed have a real kitchen when I was at my old place and how much having one can affect one to be more comfortable. Now I can finally cook the things that I didn’t know I would miss. This weekend being apple pie and carrot cake. A kitchen to myself. 


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