PC ‘Sophomore’ Update

When reading over my blog posts I’m finding that they’re really depressing. It’s been easy to point out the flaws of this country I’m living in and I’ve felt at times that there is little to look forward to. Progress at my job is stalemate. Finding more opportunities to do something have been slow going. The weather has been cold and my house has been colder. I truthfully have been blue.But there must be something positive to come of this. Right?Spring is coming and things are looking up. Cats are mating, flowers are growing, and it’s sunny and getting warmer. I went to an Outdoor Ambassadors conference recently in Elbasan and led a session on brainstorming. But also had a chance for some sharing of woes conversation with fellow volunteers and great Greek food. I’m slowly trying to get better at my job of being secretary of the committee, spicing up the newsletter a bit. Been discussing with fellow committee members on opportunities for the Anti Trafficking in Persons committee and reaching out to organizations to gain a partnership. We’re hoping to have a fundraiser for an awareness campaign for one of these groups as a gala in Gjirokaster. Many pins I’m making on pinterest are related to finding ways we can use trash to make decorations for the event.

Tomorrow I’m going to go a friends in Permet and check out her site, which is located in the valley of a beautiful mountain range and then will be going North to Korca to another friends place. The road there is through the mountains and very picturesque. I’m going up there for the Close of Service conference where I will sadly be seeing some friends I’ve made for the last time in Albania. But I’m looking forward to the new group coming in March and moving into being their mentors. There’s a party up in Peshkopi in March and hopefully Alana will get together a little football and bbq down here with me in April too. Some of the best parts of PC really is being with these interesting unique, high achieving people.

And even in my down times, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my boyfriend Ryan. He’s always perky and entertaining and brings me back around to the good. He’s a great partner in the kitchen, teammate in Risk (not!), opponent in tetris battle, shoulder to cry on, lender of support, and goofy loveable guy. Would have been a cold and bleak winter without him.

It’s interesting how, before PC the volume of work I used to get done was about ten times more. Now, a productive day is getting out some emails or talking to one person or getting the girl I tutor to actually have our regular session. Simply making a decent supper or scoring a hard to find grocery item is success. It’s a different pace of life that has taken time to get used to. But if seeing new things, spending time with great people, and being challenged harder then ever before in my life is success.. then this is it.

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