COD Objectives.. or what are we actually supposed to be doing here?

Recently, I was able to help someone with a resume review and I was surprised by their gratefulness because.. well.. this is what I’m supposed to be doing. Resume writing is actually a skill I have, is something I enjoy doing and am actually meant to do as a Peace Corps volunteer. Even today, I dusted off my UP203 statistics knowledge to remind myself that oh hey, I can figure out how to analyze statistics from surveys.

Well, I’ll be damned I have some skills or something. It came to me then that while we’re attending our multiple conferences, we think we’re learning, seemingly, a well known agenda to our work. Which we are meant to make aware to our communities through our actions and discussions with colleagues.

G14 COD Volunteers at our In-Service Training in Durres

Perhaps, though this is getting lost in the mess of finger painting, yarn or whatever it is that’s happening in the shtepia’s art room. Shouldn’t a more transparent form of information be available? Yes, we current Community Organization Development (COD) facilitators know what we’re doing but do we share these very exact specifics below to the nubes coming in with group 17, the parentals, or wherever the hell these 17 thousand blog views are coming from (um.. what? & pse?)?

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