50 lek Meal

Lentils and bulgur in the top left is this recipe. This is what happens to this recipe if you do a facebook look-over and leave it on the stove for a bit. It  was a good resemblance of the picture in the recipe the day before. A good thin soup, for a base with vegetables perhaps. In it’s current state of being cooked down, it’s a great goop with cinnamon and sugar. The bulgur came from Sarah C., who received them from Ian R. and have existed in the pc food cycle for far long enough. The lentils, were maybe purchased like a year ago. Time/over need, minimal overall cost.

The rest is pretty simple. Quinoa and nuts from a package from Kara, with a vegan bouillon cube. Pan steamed 1 carrot and a small head of broccoli, these plus 3 other carrots were only 60 lek, roughly then maybe 25 lek. An egg is 10 cents. The orange is from my nice landlord Kiço.

There you have it, a throw together meal in Albania. A combination of passed on items, care packages and some cheaply priced local produce. Overall I’d estimate it as fairly healthy.