12 Peace Corps/Eastern Europe Book Suggestions

cba41-womenwhobecomemenReading during Peace Corps is a remarkable way to improve intelligence while filling the days and hours of free time that you will inevitably have. During my time here, I’ve read 58 books so far that I have kept track of on Goodreads. I’m quite a big fan of the IMDB-esque website for books. Here I’ve shared books I’ve read, quotes I’ve found, ranked books and found recommendations for further, and researched others that may be of interest in the general theme I’ve been targeting.The Peace Corps library and regular scouring of other PCVs books, is somewhat how I’ve been put on the path of reading books with an Eastern Europe history and/or Peace Corps theme. It has formed a principle for me to focus on reading books related to my current experiences. Understandably, I splash in a few side-liners but for those that may be interested, I’m sharing my thoughts on some of the more relevant books on these topics, hoping to inspire the new generation to consider focused study of the culture and history in which we are immersed. Sharing in reverse order, latest to earliest reads.1- Women Who Become Men- This very small book is a collection of journal articles with the topics covering the phenomenon of a patriarchal society accepting a form of cross-gender transformation. It’s a detailed account of the writer’s experiences in studying sworn virgins, in addition to the history of the women’s movement and other gender based studies of Albania.

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