Styrofoam Mosaics in the Art Program

This 15th of April, was my 4th birthday while in Albania, pretty amazing. This much time after and I’m at the point to be able to create a post about the process of the work I conduct here.

As I mention in the Stray Animals Day, in my serious reporting to Peace Corps on the VRF, terminology, teaching art is my effort in Peace Corps to open up the imaginations and inspire new ideas for creative problem solving.

For this “Styrofoam Art Project”, I printed the pieces and had them in basic triangle and square shapes. The kids further altered them and we created a variety of mosaics; stand alone flowers, designs, and panoramas.mosaic-art-with-styrofoam-meat-trays

Click on the picture for the blog, Happy Hooligans, where I have found more detailed description and inspiration for the idea.

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